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Zoeli Pilates strives to offer the best learning experience for our clients. With most of our teachers having over 10 years’ experience we can meet all your goals from any age to fitness level. With 18 years in business Zoeli has numerous testimonials from our clients boasting improved balance, strength and flexibility.

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Tower Program

The Tower is an apparatus that is attached to the wall/tower. It can improve core strength, muscular endurance, spinal mobility, flexibility, balance, and coordination by providing a full-body workout. It is a stable surface that gives feedback as you sit, stand, kneel, or lie down. It benefits all fitness levels using arm and leg springs, pull-down, and push-through bars, which can be modified for everyone’s height and desired goals. Tower workouts leave one feeling more confident and taller as they lengthen the spine and increase core strength.

The Benefits Of Tower Program:

  • Tower Restoration-Beginner/Intermediate (Restorative)

  • Tower Power-Intermediate/Advanced (Agility and Core)

  • Zoeli Tower

  • Mat Mastery
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What our clients are saying

”I had a lot of hip issues from competitive dance but with consistent conditioning in Pilates I was able regain my strength and prevent further injuries. Amanda's extensive Pilates background combined with her passion for helping others has provided an optimal learning environment to complete my certification. Her detailed instruction has enabled me the ability to teach at all levels, from beginners to clients with injuries”

Christa Carpani

”Eight years ago, my doctor recommended Pilates to help with my scoliosis. When I became a client at Zoeli I felt a significant difference in my body. So much that I enrolled in the teacher training program . The training at Zoeli goes beyond the surface level of the exercise but gives you an understanding of the biomechanics of movement and its purpose. I now have the knowledge of Classical Pilates and how it transforms your body and mind.”

Kerensa Carpani

”During my home search I asked about Pilates studios and Zoeli Pilates was recommended. I learned that Zoeli is a USPA training center, the owner, Amanda Marley, is a Supervising Instructor for the USPA and 3rd generation teacher, and David Freeman, a Principal Director of the USPA and 2nd generation teacher, bases himself out of the Zoeli studio. All of this had great appeal - an opportunity to learn from experience like this doesn't come around every day. I spoke with each of them and with an apprentice of the program and their encouragement and enthusiasm were contagious, both for the training program and for Classical Pilates as a whole. After further thought and research into my other options I couldn't shake what felt right - to join the USPA and dive into the world of Classical Pilates. It was the best decision I've made, both personally and professionally.”

Jayne Saretsky

“As a professional football player I am constantly twisting and torquing my body. Pilates at Zoeli has been an excellent conditioning tool in this respect because it has greatly increased my agility and strength. It also allows me to work out small muscle groups that I normally don't.”

Brady Quinn